TSSB Sdn Bhd is a Business and Technology Consulting, Software Development and Customisation and Information Communication Technology system integrator. Founded in 1999, TSSB Sdn. Bhd. has been providing professional business and ICT products and services to the private sector in Malaysia.

Our products and services including :-
  1. Cloud-based applications
  2. Managed Hosting for DNS, Website & E-mail.
  3. Business Process Automation and Software Application Development.
  4. Multi-Dwelling Unit and Campus Fibre Deployment.
  5. Virtualization, IT Network & IT  Security.
  6. Full E-mail Infrastructure Solution.

We are also partners of the leading brand names below : -
  1. Fortinet
  2. Google Business Apps
  3. Ruckus
  4. VMware
  5. R&M
  6. Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  7. Huawei
  8. MobilityOne
To be the most sought-after provider for Secured IT Infrastructure and Business Automation Solutions.