We understand that business processes are unique to each company and often complicated. Who better to teach us the ins and outs of their company’s business process than our clients themselves? We strive to spend time with each of our clients to make sure we fully understand how their business works and develop custom web applications to solve business problems.

This enables us to tailor business process automations to meet each company’s individual needs. Our custom automation solutions can help your company eliminate the never-ending piles of paperwork, increase productivity, and provide your company with a single space to access information whenever needed.

Business process automations that we commonly develop include:

  • Workflows and approval processes
  • Timeline and automated processes
  • Work queues
  • Hierarchical-based logic
  • Integration with Payment Systems, CRM, Payroll, and Accounting applications
  • Product inventory, order statuses, customer service
  • Data warehousing and archives
  • Data import